The City Park Stromovka

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Stromovka České Budějovice is the largest park with an area of 68 ha and serves as a recreational zone. From December 6, 1992 is preserved as an important landscape element. Stromovka was established gradually in about mid of the 20th century and after a period of negligence on part of the city government in the 90 years of its existence it now finally serves as a major tourist center.


Stromovka lies west-southwest of the center on the west bank of the Vltava River, about 5 minutes walk from downtown, squeezed between urban areas. The northern edge of the Na Zlaté stoce street, street Na Dlouhé louce is bordered east and south along the Litvinovická street and Pod Stromovkou street park ends.

Flora and Fauna

In establishment of the park were planted mainly fast-growing trees - Canadian Poplar, Birch, Alder and some types of Willow. The proportion of very old trees is limited, however, gradually increasing as the early 90s used to replace "obsolete" primary forest. An appropriate target vegetation is considered mainly Small-leaved Lime, Oak, Beech and Sycamore, and Norway Maple. In the nineties began tending grasslands and change of pond Bagr into swimming with the island. With the improving state park was found growing number of mushrooms (nearly 300 species in 1997) and nesting birds (over 400 nesting pairs of about 50 species in the same year). From the unusual or protected birds nest here such as Wood Pigeon, Fieldfare, Golden Oriole, Green Woodpecker, Hawfinch , Spotted a small, Common Redpoll, etc.

Sport and Culture

Park is interlaced with a network of asphalt trails and unpaved trails, which is likes to used by a cyclists and an inline skaters. The center city is connected with Stromovka by cyclo trail F. For the younger children were in the eastern part the park built a playground called Orange and a playground by the Oasis restaurant, there are possibilities to use of older asphalt playgrounds for volleyball and basketball. Pond Bagr allows for sport fishing. Since year 1998 is Stromovka a place for symposium of Woodcarving and some of this symposium results still adorn the park area, several sculptures, however, had to be removed for safety. Stromovka is nearby sports hall, which provides facilities for sporting events and cultural events.

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